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Immense Collation of Nerd Facetiousness

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Immense Collation of Nerd Facetiousness

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'In the darkness' mind you.

Nathan Fillion with Molly Quinn in Mal Reynolds Firefly cosplay.

William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Ian Doescher: Episode IV, as a play, in iambic pentameter, $8


116 acre Private Island for Sale | eBay | $100,000

Private Island For Sale

Harrison Ford Won't Answer Star Wars Questions, it's hilarious, give it a chance.

Chris Evans original contract was for NINE movies!

Sam Christmas: Sir Ian McKellen (This guy also did Micheal Fassbender's AND Mila Kunis' portraits. I envy him.

Don't forget to take your meds :)

This is why Joss Whedon is awesome(among other things)

Paramore - Hello Cold World; because 22 is the worst idea I have ever had.

Paramore: That's What You Get. Why? Because I can pin whatever I want at 4AM :)

"I wish I was going someplace. I wish you were going someplace. We could go together." Brando and Murphy in The Wild One

Graham Chapman's funeral, I hope I have friends like this when I die.

Alexander Rae "Alec" Baldwin III, even his name is cool.


Scott Snyder's Conspiracy Theory: Who Are the Cops in Every Marvel and DC Kids Comic? - ComicsAlliance | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews

Though not mentioned in this article, several other firearms advocates were found dead in the first two weeks of January. But that aside, we need to look at these drugs and what they really do to people. Mass shootings are a symptom of a greater problem, not the problem itself. Simple data analysis will prove that.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Shaped Bottle Opener

Marky Mark: feel the vibrations.

Meccano. Real toys for kids that aren't stupid. Or at least it used to be.

Why America's Prep Schools Aren't Following Arne Duncan's Public School Education Reforms | Education on GOOD

10 ways cyclocross is like drinking.

Along came a spider…

The art of the troll.