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Flinders 2011-10-08 111 by Matt Krumins on Flickr.

giant manta rays scuba diving hawaii - i want to swim with these gentle giants

A gathering of pregnant men

Absolutely Amazing Shot


Freaky! These are Tardigrades, or 'water bears' or 'moss piglets.' They look like miniature gummy bears but are really microscopic animals that live in the water, are segmented, and have 8 legs. The largest adults may reach lengths of around 1.5 millimetres, whereas the smallest may reach lengths below 0.1 mm. Typically you can find these guys on lichens or mosses.

mahi mahi

underwater tornado ~ awesome


Crinoid (Promachocrinus kerguelensis), relative of sea stars, highly mobile, mouth is located within the center of the ring of arms, Antarctica; photo by Norbert Wu.

Snorkelling on Hayman Island, Queensland

The Royal Clipper, amazing!

Incredible moment as surfers (in red circle) are hit by 50ft wave - Photo by UK Daily Mail

Seals and penguins. Lots to love here.

Friendly pair

atlantic puffin

Manatee - A face only a mother could love. They do need to be protected.

Humboldt penguins


Diving under

Ball’s Pyramid, the world’s tallest seastack

Humpback Whale

Sea Turtle by Monterey Bay Aquarium


..the tail of a humpback whale