Tina, here. You know the infraction we see most often in people's closets? Price tags, as in hanging from unworn clothes. Clothes bought last minute or on sale that never see the light of the day. Here's how to stop buying clothes you never wear.

'Life is too short to be held down', said the bracelet's description. Something about the tiny anchor pinned to your wrist whilst wearing it might suggest

History sure does repeats itself! Did you know that the plaid pants for men are back in fashion once again! The time is long gone when only plaid shirts were considered to be a cool fashion statement but nowadays plaid pants are the talk of the day!


AND LIVING WITH THEM "A room without books is like a body without a soul." Cicero via I admit I have a problem I love books classic literature - diy - art and design, gardening, craft, photography, travel and cook books to name a few....