Gorgeous Medinilla - Native to the Philippine Islands, medinilla is an epiphytic tropical evergreen shrub that grows to tall in its native habitat. It is said to be a new upcoming plant with amazing exotic flowers.

Glass art that really evokes the movement and energy of a wave ... this piece is gorgeous.

"Highside Wave Bowl - C" Art Glass sculpture by Paul Desomma and Marsha Blaker from Kela' glass gallery on Kauai

Wave Bowl by Paul DeSomma and Mrsha Blaker via

Highside Wave Bowl by Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker.


Starfish Succulent ~ Stapelia blossom ~ My parents had one of these. I member the bloom being much larger than this one. Note: Bloom has a "fishy" odor.


Frosted Roses Bouquet or table center pieces. Perfect for a classy, elegant, blush pink and ivory wedding.

A Red Door in the Hutong, Beijing, China.

A Red Door in the Hutong, Beijing, China. In China the color red is significant in that it draws good luck into the home. Could shape the vase this way.

swedish linens

Exclusive linen fabric by Swedish Designer Ingela Westergaard. Handprinted in Dalarna, Sweden. In picture, from top to bottom:"Tulips and Hearts" Blue/White .

Glass Art

Roger Gandelman Faceted Floral Hand Blown Art Glass Perfume Bottle -- with delicate flowers encased in clear glass. The exterior has a colorful golden amber luster, with a window cut through the glass on both sides to show the floral art within.

'Double Magic Star' Lilly. Amazing!

Double Oriental Lily 'Magic Star' - Double, sometimes even triple flower petals that are highly fragrant.

Eva Zeisel: Important Works of 20th Century Design

For Sale on - A rare and important Eva Zeisel Eosin glazed fig vase. This is the iconic form of Eva Zeisel Zsolnay porcelain objects.


glorius wave, gold color is amazing in this picture


I love the rusty sheep ! I saw a metal sheep at a flea market and didn't get it. One day I shall have my sheep :).