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'People cry not because they're weak. It's because they've been strong for too long.' That's how my burn out feels for me.

the world can be better because of you // doe zantamata

In a world full of phonies, be yourself. Because the world sees you. The world hopes for you. The world is inspired by you. The world can be better because of you

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4 Things You HAVE to Stop Thinking About Yourself

Even your trials have an expiration date. You will grow, life will change, things will work out.

Discipline will evolve you, regret will dissolve you. choose wisely.

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I don't think he actually said that, but I like the phrase and I love Leo soooo

I absolutely love this. I have learned to accept that others will not change no matter the circumstance, but I can change how I handle situations with them. If it doesn't better my home and everyone in it, I will not be paying it any attention.

These are some beautiful quotes to read when you are depressed, sad or just need a little bit of motivation! Love yourself, read them, raise and shine!

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Inspirational picture quote - failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently - Henry Ford

Keep fighting Wheter anyone else can see it or wheter its an inner issue

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It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay stuck, do better.

40 Inspirational And Motivational Quotes That Will Make Your Day

40 Inspirational And Motivational Quotes That Will Make Your Day

Overthinking causes worry, doubt & fear - try to think constructively and go with the flow more - use your own intuition & knowledge to guide you - think positive.


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