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Why Siri Why

my lifeee. this would actually happen to me if i had an iphone. ahhh see why I have two labs then!

A+ every time

Appearances can be very deceiving…

I need to do this but then I would have to explain why I need my calculator out during a history exam.very clever though

Funny Siri Questions

13 Times Siri Got So Sassy, It Hurt


i tried this and i got .i coudln't find any suicide prevention centers

Siri knows best!

That's not what Siri says! All she says is "it's nothing Nietzsche couldn't teach ya" (yes I got out my phone and asked siri what the meaning of life is)


so true, i totally do! I you MacBook, iPhone, iPod, iPad and AppleTV


10 Awesome Things Said by Siri from Serving Singles The highly touted feature on the new iPhone of course is Siri. And while it's just a matter of time before it becomes self aware and only responds by saying "Have you seen this boy?", it's a pretty great


Siri, Call My Boyfriend. My Siri isn't this funny! Though, I don't have a boyfriend so she doesn't have the opportunity to be this sassy.

When she tried to show off. | 29 Times Siri Was Actually A Bit Of A Dick

When she was dead right :(

19 Things To Ask Siri When You're Bored

When you're pondering the important questions in life: