DIY Christmas Gift Idea ~ footprints make the V... sweet Christmas gift for grandparents!

Valentine picture DIY Christmas Gift Idea ~ footprints make the V. sweet Christmas gift for grandparents! Should you love arts and crafts you'll will really like this info!

Have to grandbabies!!! Crafts!

Christmas Handprint Crafts for Kids

Pinkie for Pink: Kids Christmas Art Projects - use the kids' feet print for the "mistletoe". Once dry paint on ribbon, lettering and polka dots. Maybe this will go better than our attempt to make handprint angels.

Name Puzzle | Wooden Name Puzzle | Personalised Name Puzzles ~ Concrete Symbolic: Matches letters in own name 1:1

Personalised wooden Name Puzzles. A gorgeous present for a first birthday. Educational, bright, fun and helps them to learn their name. Plus it comes in its own wooden box for storage.

This is perfect for babies and toddlers to use for sensory play. Edible Paint for Kids! It's as yummy as it looks!

Edible Paint for Kids

Edible Paint for Kids!- Flavored Gelatin (We used 6 flavors but you can keep it simple and start with 1 or 2 flavors) Yogurt Spoon per color) Bowl per color) Fruit Plastic Cutting Mat (optional)

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