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Dog Friendly Hotel

Dogs love roaming the paths, fields, and beaches of Cornwall when on holiday, and the special treatment they receive when staying at our hotel.

Dog Friendly Hotel

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Perhaps keep Yoda at home!

One of the lovely furry guests welcomed at Mullion Cove Hotel.

The hoodies you find down Mullion Cove like bonios and long walks on the beach . . . #doggyhotel

Mullion Cove Hotel, a Dog Friendly Hotel in Cornwall

Time for a trip to #doggyhotel #mullioncove #mullioncovehotel

We're loving these temporary “tattoos” or “pooch patches”. Whatever next?

This chap looks cosier than a teapot cover! He needs it at the moment - it's the coldest Easter in Cornwall since records began #doggyhotel

We love this stylish dog hammock and food bowl combo. Do you have a pampered pooch? Pin your pics! #doggyhotel