How to earn an F in art... awesome article on grading art.

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Visions of summer vacation! Last-day project. B)


Aluminum foil and sharpies!


Here’s a craft project for the big kids – creating shiny, embossed foil pendants with a few simple materials. Making these requires a gentle touch, but they are simple and addicting to make. My girls and I made piles of... Continue Reading →

Foil Pendant Craft for Kids | Make and Takes


Fun art project for kids using magazines

Miró bookmarks. could do with any artist. art history project!

Marcapágina - artesanum com

Trying to find ways to make SLOs manageable and authentic for you in the arts classroom this year? Try starting out with a goal setting sheet based in the elements of your art area. This tool helps you to focus and select a target for multiple grade levels using the same element with different projects or standards.

SLOs in the Arts: Setting Goals with the Arts in Mind

Art Plans: year-at-a-glance. Can be transferred to music. I like the grid idea so you can see what will happen with each class for the year, and how much time you get to spend with them. And then at the bottom highlight what area it covers.

Beyond ROY G. BIV: 3 Ways to Organize Now, for Next Year

full art curriculum with detailed tutorials

Mrs.K's classes

Art with Kids: Collographs printing unit


Famous Artist Crafts for Kids!

Famous Artist Crafts

great collection of art videos

Art Room Videos

The Power of Art - Journey Into Early Childhood

The Power of Art

what is art

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Combine math and art for creative kids.

Math Art Activities

Envelope - origami

Envelope – origami

Eric Carle Style Tissue Paper Art. REAL art! :)

Eric Carle Tissue Paper Prints - The Imagination Tree

PLANNING - A great tutorial for how to organize your art lessons.

*Fun Art 4 Kids: Organizing!

Experiments in Art Education: Search results for Art Lessons

Experiments in Art Education: Search results for Art Lessons

She plans out her art projects for the entire year for all 7 grade levels. I need to do this too!

Summertime and planning for a new year!

Adventures of an Art Teacher printmaking station that has foam that can be drawn into and printed with markers and damp paper

Adventures of an Art Teacher

Assignments: Art History Timeline

Assignments: Art History Timeline

The Art Curator for Kids - Elements and Principles of Art Series - Artworks that Use Shape.

Artworks that Use Shape - The Art Curator for Kids

Mrs. Brown's Art Class - This website has tons of lesson plans, art projects, and a list of activities that students can do in the art room when they are finished with their art projects.

Mrs. Brown's Art Class - Hemenway Elementary

I’ve compiled a list of 15 more stories, which each pair with a specific lesson from my elementary curriculum.

15 Books, 15 Art Lessons | The Art of Ed