X] December 2013 New Speculative Releases Part Two
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Additional new releases in SFF for December 2013 ~ ♥ Board is closed, please see: http://www.pinterest.com/mulluane/2014-new-releases-in-speculative-fiction/ ♥
The story that kicked off the international #1 bestselling VAMPIRE ACADEMY series by Richelle Mead is NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE. The OFFICIAL MOVIE TIE-IN EDITION includes exclusive movie cover art and the official movie poster inside. Read it before it hits theaters on Valentine's Day, 2014!

Vampire Academy Official Movie Tie-In Edition by Richelle Mead

CONTROL by  Lydia Kang  --  For fans of UGLIES comes a spiraling, intense sci fi thriller.

control: Lydia Kang: this is about the human genetic "mistakes" that society wants to forget, and the way that outcasts can turn out to be heroes.

#NewRelease ♥ The Doctor and the Dinosaurs Written by Mike Resnick ♥ Pyr | 12/10/2013 | Welcome to a Steampunk wild west starring Doc Holliday, with zombies, dinosaurs, robots, and cowboys. #Steampunk

The Doctor and the Dinosaurs by Mike Resnick

steampunktendencies: “ Cover Art for Mike Resnick’s upcoming Wierd West novel published by Pyr Books - Andrew Bosley ”

#NewRelease ♥ Sword Sisters: A Red Reaper Novel: Paperback by Tara Cardinal and Alex Bledsoe ♥ 12/11/2013 | So what is the book about? Two young women who don’t fight over a boy, don’t sabotage each other, and work together to fight not just for themselves, but for others. It has monsters, action, touches of romance, and hopefully some good jokes.

♥ Sword Sisters: A Red Reaper Novel: Paperback by Tara Cardinal and Alex Bledsoe ♥

#NewRelease ♥ Rise Again Below Zero By Ben Tripp ♥ Trade Paperback | Gallery Books | December 17, 2013 | The sequel to Rise Again, from an author who “balances kinetically choreographed scenes of zombie carnage with studies of well-drawn characters and enough political intrigue to give his tale more gravity and grounding than most zombie gorefests” (Publishers Weekly).

Rise Again: Below Zero (Rise Again, book by Ben Tripp - book cover, description, publication history.

#NewRelease ♥ Witches of East End (The Beauchamp Family) by Melissa de La Cruz ♥ 12/03/2013 | Paperback | A brand-new cast of characters, a fascinating and fresh world to discover, and a few surprise appearances from some of the Blue Blood fan favorites.

Witches of East End (Beauchamp Family, book by Melissa De La Cruz - book cover, description, publication history.

#NewRelease ♥ She Who Waits By Daniel Polansky ♥ Low Town: the worst ghetto in the worst city in the Thirteen Lands.     Good only for depravity and death. And Warden, long ago a respected agent in the formidable Black House, is now the most depraved Low Town denizen of them all. ~ ISBN: 9781444721393 ~ US Publication date: 1 Dec. 2013

Daniel Polansky - She Who Waits - Hodder & Stoughton

#NewRelease ♥ Kiss of the Night: Dark-Hunter Novels (Hardcover) By Sherrilyn Kenyon ♥ St. Martin's Press | 12/10/2013 | Hardcover | Wulf is an ancient Viking warrior with a useful but extremely aggravating power-amnesia. No one who meets him in person can remember him 5 minutes later. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1250036771/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=1250036771&linkCode=as2&tag=dragpin-20

Kiss of the Night

♥ Kiss of the Night: Dark-Hunter Novels (Hardcover) By Sherrilyn Kenyon ♥ St.

#NewRelease ♥ Seven Sorcerers By John R. Fultz ♥ Orbit | TP | 12/10/13 | Almighty Zyung drives massive armies across the world to invade the Land of the Five Cities. The Southern Kings D'zan and Undutu lead a fleet of warships to meet Zyung's aerial armada. Vireon the Slayer and Tyro the Sword King lead Men and Giants to defend the free world. #EPF

The stunning conclusion to the Books of the Shaper series that began with Seven Princes and Seven Kings.The Almighty Zyung drives his massive armies across.

#NewRelease ♥ Neferata (Time of Legends) By Josh Reynolds ♥ Paperback | December 14th | Book one in the Blood of Nagash trilogy | Neferata is a queen without a kingdom. Lahmia has fallen, her vampire children have scattered and she is reduced to draining blood from the beasts of the mountains. After a chance encounter with a party of dwarfs, she sets her sights on a capital for her new empire – the stronghold of Silver Pinnacle.

♥ Neferata (Time of Legends) By Josh Reynolds ♥ Paperback

#NewRelease ♥ KALEIDOCIDE: The Peacer Series (Volume 2) by Dave Swavely ♥ Thomas Dunne | December 2013 | Hardcover | In this sequel to Silhouette, Michael Ares must survive a series of assassination attempts to find out why he was destined to become one of the most powerful men on the planet. #ScienceFiction


In this sequel to Silhouette Michael Ares, the boss of Bay Area Security Service, the private corporation that runs the independent, post-disaster San Francisco Bay area, faces a prolonged series of assassination attempts.