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sewing is cheaper than therapy!

Free Printable: Sewing is Cheaper Than Therapy | U Create

Where has all the sleeping gone? - Come back home! - these are few of my favorite things. Fun times over on True deals, fast shipping and unique products. CAUTION: Deals go fast and the site can be addicting. on Instagram: “Where has all the sleeping gone? #comebackhome #theseareafewofmyfavoritethings #PYPbellylaughs”

quotes | Dudepins - The Site for Men & Manly Interests

quotes | Dudepins - The Site for Men & Manly Interests


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Pin Author Cheryl Strayed's Most Inspiring Quotes

Pin Author Cheryl Strayed's Most Inspiring Quotes


Mothers Day Gift for Mom Gift for Grandma by prairieboutique, $28.00

Someone did this at a coffee shop I frequent just the other day. It brought a tear to my eye because that day I desperately needed courage. Thank you random stranger for making my day.

Don't worry when I fight with you, worry when I stop because it means there's nothing left for us to fight for.

Don’t Worry When I Fight With You, Worry When I Stop Because…

Do not judge

Maya Angelou on "normal"

CHALK TALK: Blackboard #Quote of the Week..."Normality is a paved road: it's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it." -Vincent Van Gogh


"Beautiful young people are accidents of nature but beautiful old people are works of art," Eleanor Roosevelt.

❤ In memory of my Memere, whose hands these are a photo of, and who passed away this month at age 99 3/4. Love you, Memere!

elizabeth henry-hooker photography: Here's to 99

I think of this often.

on birthday eve :: anticipating the days

♥ I love this so so so so so much!!

100 Best Quotes

Truisms - Teddy Rosevelt, I love the old leaders of this country they were true and true.

Survival Mom Quote of the Week - Survival Mom

Our seniors, how I love them. As this says, "The heart has no wrinkles". Awesome, sweet image.

Happy Valentine's Day


Remember how blessed you are.

I think once you've found that right person, the marriage road is quite possibly one of the most mystical

Relationship Quote


Create a Day Worth Living

I think they know my name there...scary.

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