paper beads

sequin elbow patches

Como hacer manteles para mesa con tapas de plastico

Pom Pom Floor Mat

Laundry room drying rack idea? Put on the wall with the window and move the shelving into the hall.

Winter Gnomes 2 1/4 " blat bottom wood balls, acrylic paint, satin varnish to cover balls, 2-1" flat bottom wood disks, 4" square of white faux fur, 2-3/8" wood balls for noses, felt, 2 gold jingle bells for hat tops, 3 1/4" length of 22 gage steel wire for the glasses.

Maybe when my white keds are near the end of their life I will make then black to white ombre

DIY Mood Mugs - how clever @leblogdartlex


DIY Napkin Angel DIY Napkin Angel


DIY gold mugs

diy ombre necklace rack

Uses For Balloons Easy and makes a cute bowl.

DIY: perfect pom-pom

2 Summer Snow Globes ----- 10 Amazing Jar Craft ideas

Tin Can Grill

What to do -Blow up pilates ball & wrap in plastic to protect against wallpaper glue. -Mix the wallpaper glue according to package. -Dip paper cord in glue & wrap around ball however you like (leave a hole in top for lamp bulb). -Let dry for 24 hours. -Deflate pilates ball & pull out through hole.

Fabric and Cardboard Wall Letters DIY

DIY Old Shirt Mat

Cupcake tower out of cardboard cake circles, soup cans, ribbon, wrapping paper and hot glue

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gift bag

DIY Colorful Rope Bowl

cool gift-wrapping idea for treats!!