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lol love tom hiddleston

hahahahahaha Have you ever noticed that one side of Tom Hiddleston's face always looks really intense and strong and the other side looks really innocent and sorrowful? (I'm gonna kill your family. with ice-cream and flowers.

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Funny pictures about Tom is the man. Oh, and cool pics about Tom is the man. Also, Tom is the man.

Tom Hiddleston gif.. WATCHING THIS OVER AND OVER SOMEONE STOP ME || Just boogie on down, Tom... :D

Tom Hiddleston (gif) click it and thank me later. When I feel down. I will watch this and smile.


DAY favorite picture of Tom with someone. I love this picture of Natalie and him! It captures how I feel about him perfectly hehe. And yes, we are all Natalie in this picture!

(gif) Please note: Sif in the background. Her face is priceless. Apparently, one does not simply punch Loki. Unless you are Jane Foster.>> Sif: I might like her!««« lol loved

(gif) Please note: Sif in the background.Apparently, one does not simply slap Loki. Unless you are Jane Foster. <-- lol I've never watched Sif's face before!

Tom Hiddleston ,, Loki and Jane

Natalie has been blessed, oh so very lucky. Tom Hiddleston and Natalie Portman attend THOR: The Dark Kingdom Germany premiere at CineStar on October 2013 in Berlin, Germany [HQ]

#wattpad #fanfiction Andrie Colestoe is a rising actress and model, when she and the famous actor, Tom Hiddleston, meet they are able to easily start a friendship. Tom sweeps her off her feet in a whirlwind of romance and sweetness but he quickly realizes he'll have to fight harder than that to keep her around. And eve...

In case you're having a bad day. here's Tom Hiddleston blowing you a kiss.<---* Holy butter on a bagel, this makes my soul happy.

And he's a gentleman! ♡

This ladies and gents is why we fan girl over Tom. Heart of gold. Sweetest man ever! Wish here was still men like this.

We all fall short of his glory

Zachary Levi and Tom Hiddleston, on discussion Tom's favorite Shakespeare play.