“mastro”是一个小型家具,它的灵感来自于传统工匠工作室中的旧工作台或凳子。桌面是用酸蚀铁板材料制作的,两侧各有一个槽,内部可以放两个杉木支架,节省空间便于储存。这两个木桌腿很容易抽出,简单的插接在铁皮桌面上即可使用。尺寸:80 x 160 x 75 cm。设计者:gum design

Oh those crazy display designers! LOVE the flat, space saving design! flat pack table for Art and Craft Show Display

naoto fukasawa: maruni collection 2013

naoto fukasawa: maruni collection 2013

the japanese company presented a folding chair which envelopes the 'hiroshima' concept by naoto fukasawa at the 2013 salone del mobile.


November Desk is a beautiful little piece created by Danish designer Louise Campbell for Nikari brand, as part of their 2012 Designs for Nature collection. The desk is made of solid maple and treat.

Arco deskbox from Milan

Arco: Deskbox A small table that is hung onto a wall and can be retracted to form a closed box, half the size of the table top. It's based on the parallel mechanism from earlier sewing boxes, which Arco once to produced www.