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I'll keep your dreams / You pay attention for me / As strange as it seems / I'd rather dissolve than have you ignore me / The ground may be moving fast / But I tied my boots to a broken mast / / The difference is clear / You throw it in your cauldron / Rust and veneer, dusk and dawn / Steinways and Baldwins / You start with a simple stock of all the waste / And salt to taste ~ Congratulations, MGMT
Street Style WIth a Fashion Icon ULYANA SERGEENKO

Street Style WIth a Fashion Icon ULYANA SERGEENKO

Street Style WIth a Fashion Icon ULYANA SERGEENKO na crazy but cool I hate that it's fur, but I love everything else about it

Crown made of branches and twigs and leaves for a winter wood nymph look. As photographed by Viktoria Haack.

1895 evening boots

imagine Victorian corset lace up boot feet with ornamental trail adorning corset lace - inspiration: antique shoes, victorian shoes, shoes shoes antique dress, antique gown, shoes Vienna

Antique leather "hat container".Beautiful...fill with chocolate gifts...three day celebration!!!

This would make an awesome cake and wouldn't be too expensive. Think about it with each layer being a different color of hatbox, although I love the brown color. Brown luggage or steampunk wedding cake?

Impressive in brown

2013 Fall Classic Fashion: I don& like brown much and this sweater would be a horrible color for me, but I do love the look. If the sweater was a chocolate brown, It might work for me or if the color pala


Beautiful brownstones in New York City <> ".[M]y wants are few, I only want a hut of stone, (A very plain brownstone will do,) That I may call my own. Harlem, NEW YORK CITY


Mori spams and Mori inspirations for Everyone. morigirls on LJ We always try to credit and link back all posts.

"paper art" Ancient manuscripts in one of the endangered libraries of Chinguetti, Mauritania