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Mitsuo Muramoto

Mitsuo Muramoto
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Black Widow by

avengers belt beltskirt black widow bodysuit breasts brown hair closed mouth cowboy shot gloves k lips long hair looking at viewer marvel natasha romanoff red hair serious simple background solo thigh gap unzipped vambraces wavy hair white backgro

Wonder Woman - Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. //I still don't like her but I like this.

Concept art of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman from DC's "Batman v. Superman : Dawn of Justice" The visible scratches and pitting of Diana's armored chestplate and faulds create a visual reference to the character's experience in warfare.


action figure by Square Enix Play Arts Kai Marvel Comics Variant Iron Man P.

Batman | Arkham Knight

I know this is a DC board but it's mostly filled with Batman cause he's just plain awesome

Team iron...

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