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    Perennial Vegetables: Years of Bounty | Small Footprint Family

    The Homestead Survival | A Victory Garden For A Family Of Five | thehomesteadsurvi...

    A Victory Garden For A Family Of Five | The Homestead Survival

    DIY Earthbox! Love this! Off to buy some rubbermaid boxes in bright colors for my deck garden! :)

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    Fall is the time to plant garlic. Garlic is easy to plant and care for, and it takes up very little space in the garden. Here's how to grow garlic...

    How to Grow Garlic | Small Footprint Family

    Harvesting and Preserving for basil too

    Our Subsistence Pattern: Harvesting and Preserving Cilantro

    How to save heirloom tomato seeds

    How to Save Tomato Seeds

    how to start saving vegetable seeds

    How To Start Saving Vegetable Seeds

    Organic Gardening… ~Growing Seedlings in Recycled Containers (tutorial)~

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    tutorial for harvesting and drying lavender

    Lavender projects | Dried Lavender | Herbal Lavender | Purple Lavender: Gardening

    Grow Garlic Indoors

    How to Grow Garlic Greens Indoors

    Grow a lemon plant indoors. Apparently lemon leaves smell good. Soak lemons seeds overnight. Gently remove outer layer of seeds. Put back into water as you prepare soil. Plant lemon seeds in a circle pattern. Place small pebbles on top of seeds. Water occasionally and watch it grow.

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    Seedlings in egg cartons.

    Little Alexander · seed starting in egg cartons

    The Nine Easiest Herbs to Grow Indoors (with lots of very specific tips for indoor herb care)

    The Nine Easiest Herbs to Grow Indoors

    Growing Herbs - handy chart to know where to plant them according to how much sun they need #spon

    DIY Fairy Herb Garden

    How to Make Cheap Seed Starters - DIY Tutorial shows you how to make Soil Blocks with a mold you can use to raise seeds indoors in recycled plastic containers. Great technique for minimising transplant shock. | The Micro Gardener

    Make Super Cheap Seed Starters

    Learn how to grow your own seeds indoors using eggshells in this simple, DIY tutorial video.

    Learn how to grow your own seeds indoors using eggshells in this simple, DIY tutorial video.

    Raspberry supports

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    Bucket drip kits, a one time cost of $12, allow women to grow vegetables during the dry season using drip irrigation. Drip irrigation, originally developed in Israel, targets precious water to where it needs to go, the roots of the plants. The bucket is available locally and the farmer (remember, she's likely a female) can raise enough for her family, with perhaps some extra to sell. Much less labor - it uses water efficiently. Less to lug, less time spent fetching it, more time gardening.

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    This guide is about growing figs. Are you considering planting a fig tree? In addition to the varieties for the traditional hotter climates, there are some that will thrive even in the Pacific Northwest.

    Growing Figs

    how preparing your garden in autumn can make for an amazing spring

    How Preparing Your Garden in Fall Can Make for an Amazing Spring

    Cleaning up the garden in the fall can be a bit confusing, especially when it comes to cutting back perennials. Should you leave them alone or cut them back as soon as they fade? The answer, of course, depends on the plant.

    Cutting Back Perennials in the Fall

    Hypertufa Garden Art | The Shape Of Blooms To Come: Garden Club Members Make Hypertufas For ...

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    Do you grow your own potatoes or buy in bulk from a farmer market? Follow these 5 easy steps to storing potatoes in a basement, root cellar or other cool areas in your home or garage for winter to keep your potatoes fresh.

    5 Steps to Storing Potatoes for Winter

    Alternative Gardning: getting rid of fungus gnats

    Alternative Gardning: getting rid of fungus gnats

    All you need to know for growing your own garlic, and all the reasons why you SHOULD grow your own garlic....

    5 Step Guide to Growing Gorgeous Garlic |