Murray Lincoln

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Peterborough, Ontario, Canada  ·  Retired in 2008. Following that I was able to see a dream come true by the launching of Misty Hollow Carving. Misty Hollow is a wonderful place to create dreams
Murray Lincoln
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'Spirit of the Forest of Dreams' 'The Forest of Dreams' is part of my personal myth. Many strange characters and tales arise in my mind from this place. It is a fertile creative ground from which I draw inspiration for drawings and verses.. Pyrography on Pyracantha.11 x 4.5 cm Wording on base: 'I am the Spirit, Light and Life of the Forest...I am the breath of the World.' G.M.R.2015

'Forest Dance' Pyrography on Apple 'Jackalope' pyrography on Sycamore Five centimetre Birchwood Square ' 'Wanderers' Fiv.