teeny tiny studio apartment

teeny tiny studio apartment (ALK: don't like the little square table in the 'bedroom' - would need to be a table that could be folded up and put away when not needed!

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146 Amazing Small Kitchen Ideas that Perfect for Your Tiny Space - Futurist Architecture

дизайн квартиры-студии 25 кв. м.

The brainchild of Russia-based interior design firm Zukkini, the inspiring modern décor of this studio apartment is a paragon of how creative yet clever and deftly planned decorating ideas.

Дизайн квартиры студии 20 кв м

Дизайн квартиры студии 20 кв м

Small studio, small space

You would never know there is a home office hidden under the bed. That picture hides all. HJEMMEMEKKET: The nifty lift construction that allows the office can be pushed into the volume under the bed.

Маленькая квартира-студия 20 кв.м., Санкт-Петербург

Lakberendezés 20 Nézd meg a minilakás látványterveit!

Интерьер квартиры

tiny studio condo in Brazil that's modern, updated, and it's a very well designed and even luxurious small space.

Дизайн интерьера красочной квартиры-студии 14 кв. метров

Дизайн интерьера красочной квартиры-студии 14 кв. метров

Дизайн маленькой квартиры-студии

The next apartment is a 25 square meter square feet) one designed for housing one person. Sliding doors and small partitions help separate spaces in this home without using up too much space.