Sunflowers in a field on a cloudy day, photo by Tony Gill.love the contrast of colours and textures in this pic!


a rowboat in the clouds. (I know, it's on water with the sky reflected but I'm going with a rowboat in the clouds)

A quiet spot or a tragic end?

New Beginning New Job quotes - Do not let your past rob your future. Each new day is a chance to make a new beginning. Count your blessings, live with gratitude and love with all your heart! Read more quotes and sayings about New Beginning New Job.

amber waves of grain

storm, barley field, Germany, lol but I thought "amber waves of grain!


To walk into the ocean has a new meaning. The Baltic Sea at the coast of Ückeritz.


Great wall of China. My eyes will never forget this site. As a child I thought it was the most wonderful place to sit and dream. China you will for ever have a place in my heart! for your travel bucket list

Walking on the beach at night is beautiful,and hearing the waves while others are sleeping is the best way to enjoy a quiet evening.

❥ Emmanuel Lemee, Shipwreck

♂ Aged with beauty old forgotten ship abandoned by the beach, old wooden boat…