The Digital Public Library of America

Credit: Digital Public Library of America Benjamin Sewall Blake jumping, circa Francis Blake, photographer. From the Massachusetts Historical Society, part of the Digital Commonwealth. Used with permission

Social Media

How has social media changed your organization’s PR strategy? Comic by XKCD

1990s Internet

17 problems you haven't had since the this prob totally sucked!

“A chart showing the percentage of excellence in the physical properties of books published since 1910″

From ‘Extracts from an investigation into the physical properties of books, as they are at present published, undertaken by the Society of Calligraphers.” Published 1919 by For the Society by W. Dwiggins and L. Siegfried in Boston

Hi, How Are You

Daniel Johnston mural of Jeremiah the frog at the old Austin Sound Exchange/Baja Fresh at the intersection of and Guadalupe, Austin, Texas.

Metadata T-Shirt by inherentvice


Metadata T-Shirt by inherentvice (introduced to me by one of FSU's finest faculty!) I have this shirt and I highly recommend it.

'Bottled History' - The Craft of Ships in Bottles

These Intricate Ship-In-a-Bottle Dioramas Crafted By This Man Is Just So Beautiful (Video)