Runic inscription: Nikulás loves so much the woman called Gýríðr, the stepdaughter of Pitas-Ragna.’ Decorated wooden wheel (spindle whorl) from Oslo. 1100s/1200s?

Kiss me – the world of runes

Runic inscription: "Helga owns this spindle whorl." Historical Museum in Oslo

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Make a basic tunic No gore insets and very simple to construct. Both the sleeved and sleeveless version can be made from the same pattern. Taking the time creating this pattern from scratch will result in a garment that will be a perfectly tailored fit to your body. Layer the sleeveless over the sleeved version or use as a plain undergarment. "I recommend using 5.3 oz 100% linen or 100% cotton. I use 100% linen because I use these tunics during Pennsic. Linen breathes and looks period...."

How to make a basic tunic


Sarafan-like costumes of Europe


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Recreation of the Køstrup apron dress in blue. Köstrupkjolen - en ny tolkning (Vikingsnitt) (in Norwegian)

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Viking male and female outfits by Peter Beatson and Christobel Ferguson

Viking Hanging Dress from Haithabu

Birka based viking kaftans by ~Symbelmune

Birka based viking kaftans

Apron dress loops construction

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Diagram showing changing bead and tortoise brooch arrangements in the Migration and Viking era (from the Danish Nationalmuseet)

Dragtens udvikling i yngre jernalder og vikingetid - Nationalmuseet

many faces of norse female fashion

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Viking woman A well-off Danish immigrant living in 9th century Leicestershire

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This is actually about the best interpretation of an open-front apron dress I've seen.

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Basic Kit Guide For Males and Females - nice guide!

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Basic Viking Kit Guide

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Apron dress with tablet weaving accents on side seams. By Laura Offley

Laura Offley - Photos of Slaget om Selekjolen

Hat with tablet woven band. Reconstruction from the Swedish Historiska museet.

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'Don’t underestimate Viking women' article on Science Nordic. "To assume that Viking men were ranked above women is to impose modern values on the past, which would be misleading,”

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Blue and white Viking dress by ~Laerad on deviantART - perhaps those colours not for camping? Looks great though.

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Gorgeous Viking garb

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Om Maria Åhren

vegvisir - A pure viking blog

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Vikingstock 017 by ~VikingStock on deviantART

VikingStock's deviantART Gallery

Jorvik Viking Festival 2012 by alh1, via Flickr

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