1860s tulle undersleeves with tambour embroidery, insertion threaded with narrow lilac ribbon, cuff in purple taffeta ribbon and black machine lace. Click through for excellent detail views. ModeMuseum Provincie Antwerpen. http://openfashion.momu.be:9879/Default.aspx?lng=nl#1b69b5ff-5567-4deb-831c-8dd7d7030e4c (Pinterest dings this link -- copy and paste.)

Ondermouw in gebroken witte tule; bloemmotieven in kettingsteek borduurwerk; vertikaal tussenetsel met lila lint; manchet in lila tafzijden lint en zwarte machinale kant (imitatie Chantilly kloskant)


Stays, Probably England or United States, c. 1725-1750. Blue glazed wool twill, buckram, linen thread, baleen, leather, linen tape, two-ply linen cord wrapped in silk, checked linen plain weave lining.

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : Woman's Stays


Fashionable nightwear has become a highly productive product category.

While You Were Sleeping: Nightwear Blooms


A great article on Regency underwear and fashions

Regency underwear | Jane Austen's London


Pair of women's knee length combinations of silk and machine-made lace, England, c. 1905. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London. See: http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O361461/combinations-unknown/

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Museum at FIT

corset & stays & stomacher 1620-1640

Manchester City Galleries - Search the collection


Charles James used boning and forms to shape dresses. Photo: Courtesy of Chicago History Museum

Charles James - Threads


WW2 - patriotic underwear set

How did WW2 change the way people dressed?


Treo girdle and MaidenForm bra. Photo by Toni Frissell for Vogue, March 1, 1938. Image sold via @CondeNast #lingeriehistory

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Vanity Fair lingerie ensemble, circa 1960. Collection of the Museum at FIT. #lingeriehistory

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AF Vandevorst lingerie ensemble, 2006. Collection of the Museum at FIT #lingeriehistory

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Dolce & Gabbana lingerie ensemble, Spring 2015 RTW. Runway image via Style.com #lingeriehistory

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Dovima wears a bra & girdle set by Warner's, Vogue Feb 1953. #lingeriehistory

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Quilted silk satin petticoat, c.1765. #lingeriehistory Collection of The Museum at FIT.

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Christian Dior underdress, Fall 1955-56. #lingeriehistory Via The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

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Cage crinoline of steel with red wool and linen, 1860-1865. Via the Victoria and Albert Museum

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1940s Lingerie Bra, Girdle, Slips, Underwear History. ” Correct posture with the correct foundation garment combine to give a woman an attractive figure and will aid her in her quest for health and vitality.” 1948, Foundations for Fashion #1940sfashion #lingerie #vintage

1940s Lingerie- Bra, Girdle, Slips, Underwear


Pin-up by Charles Gates Sheldon, likely for La Vogue lingerie, 1920s. #lingeriehistory Via @myvintagevogue

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Corset and chemise, circa 1905. #lingeriehistory From the Collection of The Museum at FIT / Early twentieth-century corsets rested low on the bosom, and extended over the hips. When laced, the so-called “straight-front” corset provided an “S curve” that pushed the breasts forward, pressed in the stomach, and arched the back.

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Redfern (attributed to) waist cincher, circa 1900. #lingeriehistory Via The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

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Corset by Strouse, Adler Company, circa 1920. #lingeriehistory Collection of The Museum at FIT. / By the early 1920s, comfort and modernity had become crucial to corset design. Many corsets (now also called girdles) had elastic panels that allowed for greater freedom of movement.

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Stay (historic corset), silk brocade, c.1750. Collection of The Museum at FIT. #lingeriehistory

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Tao for Comme des Garçons corset, Fall 2005. Collection of The Museum at FIT. #lingeriehistory

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Boudicca ensemble with corset, Fall 2001. Collection of The Museum at FIT. #lingeriehistory

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vintage 1920s lingerie This time period is when women are changing and becoming less modest. This is one of the first lingerie girls wore. They also began to wear shorter dress and low-cut shirts!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Wedding lingerie