Record Store Day 2015

Pop Up, 2 Berwick St. 10th - 26th April 2015. With thanks to Shaftesbury plc.
50 Pins
an image of a magazine spread with different images
Bowie's Soho, A Walking Tour_ Original Design by Jonathan Barnbrook for The V&A _ Interview of David By Mick Brown First published in The Telegraph Magazine on December 14 1996,
an old newspaper article about the record scene
International Times Archive_ _One Stop Sept 1969_
an old newspaper article about the revelation'guitars, with two men playing guitar
three people standing at a counter in a store looking at something on the table and smiling
Great photos @TheMuseumOfSoho 25 Tottenham Ct Rd. Photograph Robert Stallard 1973
an open book with black and white images on it, including the title song in sound
Swingin' Soho, 1961 | Jimmy Jacobs and the Nitespots. Jimmy Jacobs vocals Herbie Flowers bass guitar Gary Jones drums Ziggy Ludvigsen clarinet Rev Terry piano
the wall has been painted with red and yellow colors, including an image of a guitar
Uncovered Wall of the 2'is Bar at House Of Ho Old Compton Street.
an advertisement for the columbia salons, which is located in front of a building
Another record shop found to be added to the archive. #Piccadilly #RegentStreet
an old record with the words helpman's of soho on it
Another past record shop rediscovered. @TheMuseumOfSoho
a group of people standing in a room with posters on the wall and wooden floors
a group of people are standing in front of speakers and sound equipment at an event
Open Decks RSD 2015.
a group of people standing in a room with posters on the wall and pictures hanging from the ceiling
several people standing in an art gallery looking at pictures on the wall and talking to each other
a man standing in front of a wall with pictures on it and holding a book
Mick Houghton holds a copy of his biography of folk legend Sandy Denny – "I've Always Kept A Unicorn"
two people walking past a store front
A Pop Up at 2 Berwick St, Soho for The British Record Shop Archive and mosoho.
a man standing in front of a record player
Open Decks On Record Store Day 2015.