Love this mixer guide.

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Stock up on all the items you need for a great season of fall cooking! This list will make cooking at home much less stressful because you'll have what you need on hand. Love your people well and make tasty food! via lifeingrace

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How To Prevent Mold On Cheese : fold a paper towel down to a 2 x 2 inch square; dampen with vinegar (barely damp, just enough that you can tell it is damp); wrap cheese in the paper towel and place inside a Ziploc bag and return to the refrigerator.

Preventing Mold on Cheese

Two-Bean Meatless Meatloaf

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Herbs and spices so rich in iron your energy may pick up just looking at the picture... ;)

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Cake mix treats

16 Unexpected Things You Can Do With Cake Mix

If you’re struggling to be content with your lot in life right now, here are 16 ways I have found that have helped me cultivate contentment and a love for the life I have been given.

16 Ways to Become More Content

10 Unbelievable Uses for Grandma's Best Kept Kitchen Secret. Don't be left behind. :) I love that readers shared 40 more uses in the comments. #comfortfood

Bacon Grease Uses, Ten uses for Bacon Grease

There are so many ways to use Epsom Salt!! Who knew?!?

20 Ways to Use Epsom Salt - Surviving The Stores™

10 NEW Ways to Use Coconut Oil

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40 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar - Favorite Pins

We love great tips and new ideas so we found this list of 45 Amazing Kitchen Hacks that we are sure you will also enjoy. (scheduled via

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14 Everyday Uses For Borax

14 Everyday Uses For 20 Mule Team Borax!

20 Mule Team Borax And Why I Store It

20 Mule Team Borax-Why I Store It - Food Storage Moms

10 Tips for Getting More Done Each Day | How to Be More Productive

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sprinkles! - The View from Great Island

sprinkles! - The View from Great Island

How to Make Lavender Essential Oil

How to Make Peppermint Essential Oil (Extract)

Bananas> Twitter / CyclingSurgeon: Amazing cycling benefits of ...

CyclingSurgeon on Twitter

Parsley - great for cleansing & detoxing, purifies the liver, blood & kidney's, helps clear up fungal infections & UTI's

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Add a 1/4 cup of 7 Up to the water in a vase full of cut flowers. The sugar in the soda will nourish the flowers causing them to last longer.

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Do Not Throw That Soggy Lettuce Just Yet

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This website is seriously the COOLEST site for homeowners!

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20 Natural Painkillers In Your Kitchen

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How to save lots of money on small batteries

The shelf life of food

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