So I don't think this is real, but even if it's not -- add it to the TREEDIS!

castles waterfall bridge fantasy art castle by frederic st arnaud matte desktop wallpaper

Oracle Dress

Fall / winter - street & chic style - business casual - black cropped sweater + chunk chain+ flared leather skirt + black thighs + black high heel ankle boots More

Women's armor done right.

Princess Isabelle from Jack the Giant Slayer. Now that's armor. I like that armor. Thats some nice armor.

Denna's White Mord'Sith outfit (Legend of the Seeker)

White leather corset/leg brace outfit with ornate details - white Mord Sith outfit, Legend of the Seeker

An elusive home for the mysterious, the idyllic and the bewitched...Even those few who have lived there the longest have never discovered all of its secrets.

"Waterfall Castle, The Enchanted Wood, Poland". Plitvice waterfalls, in Croatia, and a castle inserted.