Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.

ABC's of world instruments.  Great for the hallway billboard!

((Would be great in the dining room, especially once we hang all our signed concert posters))

singing/parachute play

The smiles and laughter of the children as they delight in playing with a large, colorful parachute is testimony to how much fun parachute games are! Parachute play can be effectively combined with musical play for added enjoyment and learning.

educational  - math rap music for kids - LOVE this!

I Love Educational Rap Music

Math teachers know that fractions can be hard for the average third-grader. Teachers at a public school in San Bruno, Calif., just south of San Francisco, are trying something new. They're teaching difficult math concepts through music, and they're getting remarkable results.

Fractions Curriculum Strikes Right Note In California

Music and math - Students play the recorder in Academic Music class at Allen Elementary School in San Bruno, Calif. Teachers are using music notes to teach fractions.


Sure, kid-specific and pop music have their time and place, but when we learned that music historian Robert Greenberg was praising the benefits of classical

“…Childhood music instruction has strong linguistic benefits and improves performance on everyday listening tasks. Since we live in an inherently noisy world, the better we are at focusing on sound and perceiving different sounds, the better. This can be particularly important for children with learning disorders or those for whom English is a second language.”

(S) "Children in band (and music lessons in general) score higher in English, higher in math, and use more of their brain than those without music education.

Tin Can Bongo Shakers

Tin Can Bongo Shakers

Do your kids just want to bang on a drum all day? Try these quick and easy Tin Can Bongo Shakers as easy recycled crafts for kids. Musical instrument crafts like this are perfect for developing creative minds, and noisemakers are a blast for kids!

African Music for Kids - Learn the Udu

Learn with pictures, coloring, listening, and video designed for young children and all for FREE! Learn about African music and how to play the Udu drum.

Guide to Kid's Music--suggestions for variety in kids CDs.

Hello, Summer! 6 Must-Haves for the Beach

Check out some of my favorite essentials for heading to the water with your brood, only at Babble!

Ukulele! A fun and easy introduction to music for kids

A fun and easy introduction to music for kids Emily Lindenman