Portable water heater. Never do dishes in cold water, in the woods again.

DIY Portable charcoal water heater


Mini Cyclone Bucket Dust Collector Free Download Keep your Lungs Healthy. If you are involved in woodworking by now you know that every woodworking workshop no matter how small it is needs a dust collector. Many say that the heart of a woodshop is the table saw, others say, it's their router table, band saw, planer... and so on. Which ever it is, one thing is for sure, the lungs of every woodshop is the dust collector.

Mini Cyclone Bucket Dust Collector


homemade shop vac cyclone dust collector

DIY Cyclone Dust Collector


Homemade Cyclone Dust Collector - by jcoulam @ LumberJocks.com ~ woodworking community

Homemade Cyclone Dust Collector


Like the portable laundry machine except DIY, not so fancy and definitely less expensive.

How to Make an Off-Grid Washing Machine


DIY how to build.. important items I might need to know...complete bio-filter...Wow! So our cities could do this instead of using chemicals and dumping waste in our water treatment plants?? Seriously? Wise up people! You have to drink the water too! Can't live without water. Stop poisoning it!

How To Build A Bio Water Filter | Off The Grid News


*Home Made Berkey Water Filter*

Home Made Berkey Water Filter by Daire


Fuly contained 5 gallon bucket pumpable sink. With reservoir, grey water catchment, foot pump. This thing's got the works!

5 Gallon Bucket Sink | Five Gallon Ideas


Tired of your kids bikes lying around in the yard? Make a bike stand. Video instructions. #bucket #bikestand #soapwarehouse

BIKE BUCKET - Bicycle Stand - Portable, Cheap, Lightweight


Going camping and it is hot hot hot???? Well, make this homemade swamp cooler for your tent, and get some cool air for your tent. Pretty rad!

How to Build an Evaporative Cooler


Camping Buckets to sit on and for storage..great idea for camp

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Home Made Berkey Water Filter. Make this water filter for HALF the price and get the same water purifying properties as the real Berkey. Save money today

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Make your own hydroelectric generator! You can harness the power of any flowing water source to produce sustainable electricity.

How To Build A Hydroelectric Generator (FREE PDF Plans!)


Fantastic bucket multitool. It's a handle when you're not using it, or a hammer/screwdriver/pry bar/bucket opener when you need it. http://fivegallonideas.com/bucket-multitool/

Bucket Multitool


Fulfil your endless demand of clean and hot water anywhere with Eccotemp L5 water heaters. Visit our online store at campingshowerworld.com to get a wide range of eccotemp products.

Do it yourself five gallon solar shower


Antique 1800s Five Gallon Oil / Fuel Bucket by riverjim on Etsy, $48.00

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five gallon bucket loudspeaker

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Five Gallon Bucket Ideas

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All you need to make your own compost tea is a couple of shove fulls of compost, A 5 gallon bucket and water

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A 'float' activated water re filler from your garden hose. http://www.backyardchickens.com/a/automatic-chicken-waterer-made-from-5-gallon-bucket And, here is a similar set-up: http://www.backyardchickens.com/a/automatic-waterertoilet-valve AND http://www.backyardchickens.com/a/autofill-bucket-waterer

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Maybe do this in small metal buckets for a banner/clothesline over the table?? DIY umbrella stand: concrete in a 5 gallon bucket weighs about 50-60 lbs, first set in a sleeve to slip the umbrella rod into.

How to make an inexpensive umbrella stand


Add a lid to an empty 5 gallon bucket. You can "spin" all you want without "redecorating" the laundry room walls, your blue jeans and the nearby dog :)!

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Have a water cooler rack on your washing trailer or truck? Why spend 50.00 or more for one when you can make one. Cut a 5 gallon bucket open at least half way around, wider for larger coolers, reuse a belt or strap to hold the cooler in place.

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5-Gallon Bucket Spacer. It's nice to keep some empty 5-gallon buckets around, but the only way to efficiently store them is to stack them. The problem is, they can get stuck so tight it feels like they're glued together. Put a short chunk of 2x4 between the buckets when you stack them. It'll be a cinch to pull them apart. Big Sky Builders www.bigskybuilders.net www.facebook.com/bigskybuilders

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5 gallon bucket assembled with a bucket jocky and topper to make a building bucket

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