Lesley Elisabeth

Lesley Elisabeth

Lesley Elisabeth
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English Toffee Bites

English Toffee Bites -(--- allowed it to get too dark and it taste burnt. 5 minutes was too long, on high heat. It only took stove top about minutes on high heat for it to turn a beautiful almond color. Very crispy.

"Know Thyself" #handmade #book of #shadows #diary #journal

Know Thyself Book of Shadows Witch's Spellbook Journal Diary Handmade Hardcover Book

Writing tips, writing characters

CHARACTERISTICS: 3 unforgivable sins your characters should never commit: Child Abuse, Rape, and Killing the Dog


Cup/Chalice - On the Full Moon fill w/water (preferably from nature) & a flower representative of the Goddess. I want this so sososo SOOOOOOO bad!

(A través de CASA REINAL) >>>> #DIY #Heart Favor #Box #Tutorial

DIY Heart Favor Box Tutorial - could be the ideal presentation box for a ring or pair of earrings and a great way to add a personal touch!

Charmed Triquetra Knot Silver Slave Bracelet

Buy Charmed Triquetra Knot Silver Slave Bracelet at Wish - Shopping Made Fun

TOP 10 DIY Magic Potions, Oils and Lotions

TOP 10 DIY Magic Potions, Oils and Lotions. No magic potions for me, but this idea is good for essential oils.

Herb Grinder Pentacle Herbalist Wicca Pagan Pentagram Green Mortar & Pestles NEW

Pagan Store, Wiccan Store, Witchcraft Store Pentagram Herb Grinder 3 - Pentagram Herb Grinder Decorated with the brass inlay of a pentagram, this wooden herb grinder is the perfect addition to your kitchen crafts, helping you to create your spell mixes.