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Custom Fan Work Duesenberg

Custom Fan Work Duesenberg

Jack's 4x4 Ford F700

Australian nature photography, living on the road

waylon jennings and buddy holly. photobooth circa 1959. the original hipsters.

Waylon Jennings & Buddy Holly & someone giving the finger - Photo booth at New York’s Central Station on Jan 23 1959 - Buddy’s brand: Salem cigarettes. via thesweetestpsychopath:WITLOX’s Buddy Holly memorabilia

Citroën U55 Currus Cityrama: used in Paris in the 1950s/60s

In Paris, tour operator Groupe Cityrama commissioned French coachbuilder Currus to create futuristic double-decker buses built atop a Citroen truck chassis. The result was the Citroen Cityrama Currus.


( HOT ROD 2016 ) - TV Tommy Ivo's "The Showboat," but the National Hot Rod Association ruled it the first "exhibition" dragster, and he was unable to race it.