My dads always been in law enforcement and has been a corrections officer for 26 years. He has really taught me to be appreciative of police officers.. and its so very true!

To the good ones! Police Officers Are Heroes and Heroines. When they aren't - they are no longer Law Enforcement Officers." to our Nation's Cops as often as you can!

Watch Out Boys My Daddy is a Police Officer. =) One day=D

Oh those poor boys reese 💗👮

My husband got this tattooed on his arm with the words in Latin. It is awesome!

Honor Our Fallen Officers Thin Blue Line

I do this constantly....

wow this happens in every car ride!

911 dispatcher love this one

911 Dispatch Centers are the team behind the


Dad cop vs prom date. Well how about mom cop vs prom date!

LEO Sweetheart

And boy, do we have fun!

Police Officer Gift Law enforcement gift police by TheMemoryChest

12 x 16 Canvas. Blessed are the peacemakers by TheMemoryChest

Maybe Domino's should take over law enforcement or Pizza Hut. We would all be alot less hungry on our way to the jail house! Of course crime may go up...

Grumpy Kitty Lyrics - Tard the Grumpy Cat

i love my deputy!

My Heart Belongs To A Deputy Sheriff Hand Stamped Charm Necklace

My Heart Belongs To A Deputy Sheriff Hand by DuneyBugDesigns. Get free Macy's gift card now

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