Vintage Hiking Tee

into deep dark silence. silence that seems to press in around, wondering at the intrusion. silence that has been here long before you were born and will reign far after you are gone.

I belong abroad

I dream of going to Paris someday. It's my dream and wish to someday stand under the Eiffel Tower and just breathe in the French air and just say "BONJOUR" to every French person;

Truly an amazing place - was there last month & must return Gaudi rules! The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família in Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia, Spain - is a cathedral still under construction in Barcelona. Work on the cathedral started in 1882 and Gaudi himself worked on it for 40 years, 15 of which he dedicated exclusively to it, until his death in

over grown tracks

Overgrown Railroad tracks in Taipingshan National Forest in Taiwan - Abandoned distressed places


The color of the savannah in the sunset creates a beautiful dusty yellow color in the sky and grass. There is something fantastical when I see the images of wil


I love this picture! I can feel it! To feel so free in the sunshine :)