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Rba Museum

Arts Cologne

Callot Soeurs, evening dress, 1927. Silk velvet, embroidery. Paris. © RBA Museum of Applied Arts Cologne, Photo Anna Wagner

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Post'S Evening

Marjorie Merriweather Post's evening dress and purse, made by Mme. Frances, Inc., New York, 1924-27, Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens. Other accessories include a matching slip, cape and fan. Silk velvet, rhinestones.

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Dresses for Spring, 1921

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Vintage 1920s dress pattern

La Mode du jour. ["puis" Journal de la femme de France]

1920S Dress Pattern

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La Mode du jour. 1925/11/12

La Mode du jour. ["puis" Journal de la femme de France]

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La Mode du jour. 1926/02/04

La Mode du jour. ["puis" Journal de la femme de France]

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La Femme de France 1924

La Femme de France ["puis" et Mode et beauté]...

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Yokes have distinction, Woman's Journal, 1927

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All's Well That Ends in Flare, Woman's Journal, 1927

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The Flow of Skirts, Woman's Journal, 1927

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At the Races, Woman's Journal, 1927

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Perfection of Chic in the Suit of Satin, Woman's Journal, 1927

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Tea at the Ritz, Woman's Journal, 1927

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Anything Goes - Celebrating the 20s

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Evening dress, Poiret, ca. 1925. Decades, Inc.

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Chanel Dress - 1925 - House of Chanel (French, founded 1913) - Design by Coco Chanel (French, 1883-1971) - Photo by Irving Solero

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Paris Fashion, 1926--dress in crepe de chine, embroidered with pearls.

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Catalogue showing 1926 wedding fashions

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Evening dress with tiered chiffon skirt, American, ca. 1929. Made for movement & dancing. Three layers of silk chiffon cut with handkerchief hem, with many points hanging down from substantial width of beading. Above this floating base, bodice hangs smooth & straight. Silver bugle beads & rhinestones. Smith College Historic Clothing

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Everybody in this picture were wearing the same style, which are dropped waist dress, high heels, clouche hat and bobbed hair style. Those are craze in this time period. Also, some of theme were wearing pearl necklace

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Fashion at Royal Ascot - 1925 - Photo by Collection Roger-Viollet - @~ Mlle

1920's - 1930's - Catwalk Yourself

Regiment 1930

Elmer Fryer

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Myrna Loy...Flapper hair...

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1924 French

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Dress - 1924 by Madame Marie Gerber (French) silk

Callot Soeurs | Dress | French | The Metropolitan Museum of Art