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Harrisonburg, VA  ·  NPR freelancer, WMRA public radio person, restaurateur, TV talk show host, newspaper dogsbody, constant gardener, & now NOVELIST!
Martha Woodroof
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the perfect place to find love

I'm not sure if they mean books are the perfect place to find love (love story, fall in love with the character/place/story) or if bookstores are the perfect place to find a good guy book nerd. Both work for me :)

People who hate to read scare me, good books have kept me alive

How true! I can't understand people who don't read - I worked with someone who said she never read books, but she had the TV on hrs! How sad.I couldn't live without books.- this is the original description and, yeah, books are kind of my life.

New cover for Small Blessings! Book to be in stores August 2014!

Martha Woodroof's charming, funny novel Small Blessings is about a small-town professor who discovers he has a son.