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Comparing Fractions to 1/2

Fractions Practice: Comparing Fractions to 1/2. This helps students be able use 1/2 as a benchmark when comparing fractions!


Bar Modeling Posters

Great for teaching bar modeling. Posters for the room, steps for students to use and examples.


Area and Perimeter

Last month, we had been working on identifying area and perimeter in math. So, I thought a fun activity to wrap up our unit could be this Cheez-It activity I saw on Pinterest. I modified it a tiny bit for my kids but they definitely enjoyed it nonetheless. I mean, workbook activity vs. Cheez-Its?! My activity was [...]


Write fractions on clothespins. Students can place in order on a dry cleaning hanger, as well as clip equivalent fractions together. Fun independent practice!


3rd Grade Math Review Jeopardy PowerPoint FREEBIE

3rd grade math test prep game. Perfect for reviewing all those 3rd grade math concepts BEFORE the big test!