oh my gosh

Life is too short for the wrong job

German Advertising "Life is too short to get stuck in the wrong job." This is brilliant advertising!

This is hilarious!

He chose wisely…

Funny pictures about He chose wisely. Oh, and cool pics about He chose wisely. Also, He chose wisely.

Dogs' Love. I cried too much. The first one had me in tears...

People is not so bad after all…

THATS SO SWEET IT MADE ME CRY! Its so sad but also its so sweet! One of my biggest fears is of my dog(who I got when I was about 2 or 3 so I grew up with her, I guess I even learned tricks with her :) dying. :( I love her so much!

Gets funnier every time!'

23 People You Know Are Definitely Dead Now- Every time I watch this gif- I laugh every time!

Find a random board. Find a random board!!!

Repost cause it is creepy, not that weird ass clown guy will suddenly be under my bed.

I wasted my whole summer by not doing this at the pool.... :(

I wasted my whole summer…

I wasted my whole summer by not doing this at the pool. :( Chantell, we need to remember this for next summer.

I'm seriously laughing so hard

i am dying hahahahahahaha.the guy with the chocolate sauce and the guy with the pug shirt cracked me up


Beach body paint, Couldn't decide if this should be filed under funny or art. either way its really good.