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Bicycle Party

Bicycle Party

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Cute Bike Cake!

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  • Specialized Bicycles
    Specialized Bicycles

    Great board! Do you ride?

Bicycle name tags

Bicycle - Nametags to Print in Color:

I would use the waxy sticks for this.

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Bike cookies in the rack!

Iced Cookies and Individual Desserts

Cute cupcakes!

Real cycling: Let them eat bicycle cake

Cycler Cake

  • Gena Hassett
    Gena Hassett

    Thinking about making this for my 5 yr. old's birthday parade party. She wants a rainbow bike parade so I could even make the road a rainbow too! So clever!!

Handlebar decorations

Make Pom-Poms in 5 Easy Steps

Cute bicycle glasses for party favors!

Rainbow "wheel" pasta art!

Tippytoe Crafts: Rainbow Pasta Art
  • Lisa Tolleson
    Lisa Tolleson

    My four year old Grandson wants a bike party. I did not realize this was so difficult. He is set that it will be bikes. Having trouble with any ideas. Thank you

Shape Crayola® Model Magic® into a bike frame and seat. Roll thin strips and pinch together to form handlebars. Attach handlebars to the bike frame.

What are your favorite bikes? Make a cool poster for your room to show your friends your dream bikes!

Give your bike a personal touch. With these decorations, your handlebars and seat stand out whenever you ride!

Bike Streamers & Plates on
  • Sarah Carter
    Sarah Carter

    funny, i just bought pipe cleaners and cardstock for the name plate activity!

Every kid will love learning how to make beaded bike streamers. After learning the spiral square stitch, the square stitch is a breeze, and kids will be ready to make streamers for their bike and their friend's, keeping them busy for hours.

HowStuffWorks "How to Make Beaded Bike Streamers"

Designing flashy personalized license plates is a great activity for slowing down the party pace after a round of spirited racing.

This is a fun neighborhood type of project. Gather supplies and have the kids decorate their bikes. Provide felt and glue if they wish to make a flag to hang from their handlebars.

Decorate Your Bike! Kids Activity

Want a bike that'll stop traffic? First, splatter-paint some stars and add them to your bars -- handlebars, that is -- and to a safety-flag pole. Spiff up your wheels with straws and garlands, then hit the road! (Our decked-out bike should be ridden at a parade pace, not at high speeds.)

  • Tiger lily Malcom
    Tiger lily Malcom


Kids can make their very own license plates for their bikes. Let them choose their favorite colors to really make it their own.

Crafts - Arts and Craft Ideas for Kids | Spoonful

Bike Party Charity: Ask for donations toward a new bike for someone in need in lieu of gifts!

Betsy and the Boys: A Bicycle Birthday

Retro Pink Bicycle Decor: This blog has lots of cute ideas for bike parties!

Personalized water bottles are cute favors.

A Thoughtful Place: Big Boy Birthday Party

Stamps and stencils and decorations, too.

Bicycle Party - Create My Event

Cute bicycle decoration ideas here!

Bicycle Party

Kids can dress up their two-wheel rides by decorating a bicycle horn with shiny sequins.

Pinwheels are an age old craft that your Grandma will remember. Put together these pretty wind decorations and stick them in your garden.

Pretty Pencil Pinwheel | Crafts | Spoonful

Ice Cream Bike!

a first week of summer party is my fave