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Handy uses for Castile Soap

homemaking hack: the best pot scrubber ever {is in your pantry}----->this took this cooked-on bean residue off in less than 2 minutes!!

This homemade shower spray is wonderful and so much better than the toxic stuff you get in the store.

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How To Replace 10 Household Products With Castile Soap

A super frugal, super easy use for castile soap (which is a mix of oils & pure essential oils) -- try making your own foaming hand soap with just 2 ingredients. We use this soap everyday!

Do you have a nightly cleaning routine? Mornings with kids can be crazy, but this has helped us be more successful during these times. #cleaning #schedule #organize

Castile soap uses

Uses of castile soap: body wash, shaving lubricant, hand soap, homemade baby wipes, multipurpose cleaner, soft scrub, washing laundry and dishes, etc. Just don't mix it with vinegar - they cancel each other out!

Everyday Castile Soap Uses

These four ingredients are all that you will ever need to clean every surface of your house! There is no need to wear gloves when using these cleaners because they are completely safe for the entire family!

With cold and flu season at it's worse, it may be time to disinfect those hard surfaces! Take 15 minutes and follow this guide. #fluseason #clean #disinfect

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