F*ck these pedals

F*ck these pedals

These pedals did hurt like the devil if they came in contact with any exposed body part.

Famous Weapons | Misty water coloured memories.....

Famous Weapons Art Print

Transformers MTMTE #12 RI cover colors by *khaamar on deviantART

Transformers MTMTE RI cover colors by khaamar ♪ We are the crew of the Lost Light / We hope that you enjoy our show& ♫

Pacific Rim ain’t got nothing on these guys…

Shogun Warriors - Mazinga was the Best! Could even crush the Big GI Joes!

Evolution of the Nintendo Controller Framed by GreenCub on Etsy

Classic, Super, GameCube, Wii Nintendo controller wall display case for man cave or game room.

ThunderCats & Silverhawks!

I loved the ThunderCats reboot (wish they didn’t cancel it before the current story wrapped up). I wish they would reboot SilverHawks too!

Desenhos & Animes: SilverHawks | Portal E7

"Silverhawks" (Los halcones galácticos), de Arthur Rankin y Jules Bass,