Tasks to give your kids to get them in the kitchen with you!

Kitchen Skills By Age

Cooking skills by age and Kids Cooking Camp at home! There are some fun/ easy recipes, ideas for kids cooking supplies.

Bread in a Bag

Bread in a Bag

Goldfish pizzas using Pepperidge Farm Goldfish sandwich bread

Recipes & Ideas

2 pieces Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish™ Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread, split cup Prego® Traditional Italian Sauce cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese Pitted ripe olive directions Heat the oven to Place the bread pieces, split-side up, onto a baking sheet.

Feeding a Toddler: food "pyramid" and meal ideas for a 1 year old!

Healthy Foods That Babies Like Most baby food Feeding a Toddler: food "pyramid" and meal ideas for a 1 year old!

No-cook Natural Play Dough Recipe for Sensitive Skin - perfect for kids who suffer with Eczema! It's salt FREE and made with natural products that will actually help to soothe dry and itchy skin.

Natural Play Dough Recipe for Sensitive Skin

This is a simple no-cook play dough that will help soothe dry and damaged skin. cup boiling water, cup quick oats, 3 tbps coconut oil, 1 tbsp honey, and 2 cups cornstarch

kitchen tasks for 3 year olds! Great ways to involve your children in cooking and food prep!

Kitchen Tasks for a 3 Year Old

Kitchen tasks for 3 year olds. You don't always have to shoo them away. Here are things even your 3 year old can do in the kitchen!

Try New Foods

The Educators' Spin On It: How Do You Get Kids to Try New Foods? Here are some fun ways to learn about food, nutrition, gardening and how to cook while they enjoy new foods!

Frankenstein Pizza--could adapt for any special day

Parents: Parenting News & Advice for Moms and Dads

A whole blog devoted to cooking with kids (and kid-friendly recipes)

I try to eat dinner with my family almost every night

5 tips for growing veggie lovers

Growing Veggie Lovers

challenge them to a crunching contest. This works every time with fresh veggies if delivered with enthusiasm.

10 easy things to cook with kids

10 Easy Things to Cook with Kids

10 yummy and simple recipe ideas just right for the helping hands of little people. Fruit Salad Fruit salad is one of the easiest cooking options for beginners or if you have a group of children. The kids can…

Cooking with kids and what they gain from it | list of tasks per age group that can be accomplished

Cooking With Kids And What They Gain From It