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Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes - Sharing daily motivation! Please add your most inspiring, creatively designed and of course motivating quotes to create a beautiful motivational resource board. If you would like to be a contributor to this board please email me at

Motivational Quotes

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Friends Forever | Values to Live By | www.FrankSonnenbe...

Sunday Encouragement: Respect In Marriage |

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We have tomorrows...

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"Everyone was put on this earth for a good reason … what's yours?" ~ Frank Sonnenberg www.FrankSonnenbe...

“Paradise is not a place, it’s a state of mind.” ~ Frank Sonnenberg www.FrankSonnenbe...

“Anger is a loaded weapon. Be careful where you point it.” ~ Frank Sonnenberg www.FrankSonnenbe...

“There is a difference between hearing and listening.” ~ Frank Sonnenberg www.FrankSonnenbe...

  • Betsy :-)
    Betsy :-)

    Always need to work on this

Ten ways to love

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Live an honest life

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Ways to Say You Care | Values to Live By | www.FrankSonnenbe...

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FitSugar's Motivational Fitness Quotes

Do what is right!

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Perfect in every way. Who ever said this is clearly a genius and my kind of people!

  • Madhuri H.
    Madhuri H.

    TBH, find this quote demeaning. How about not comparing oneself to "footwear".. lol! ladies, we're above all this objectification. In fact, shoes or no shoes, ladies.. we rock!

Beautiful Robin Williams quotes to remember ♥

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