Arbeitstisch mit hairpinlegs

diy table bought our lumber: 4 long planks for the top, 9 smaller planks bracing and framing the bottom, and 2 longer small planks to frame the outer edges. We used mostly pine (because it is pretty and affordable) with a few oak pieces among the 9 s

la vie DIY: Places and Spaces

IKEA RIBBA picture ledges are inherently versatile, but they may be more versatile than you realized as you'll see by these 20 alternative uses. -as a makeshift nightstand for a bed against the wall!

Mittlerweile werden viele kleinere Möbelstücke wie Beistelltische oder Stühle zu einem Nachttisch umfunktioniert. Wir bauen uns einen ganz besonderen: einen schwebenden.

DIY: hovering bedside table- maybe put this on the covered porch? A hovering coffee table