11 cheap gifts guaranteed to impress science geeks. No really. Most of this seems fun to me.

Aerogel is the world’s lowest density solid, clocking in at air. If you hold a small piece in your hand, it’s practically impossible to either see or feel, but if you poke it, it’s like styrofoam. It supports up to times its own weight.

wee precious chameleonette

The World’s Smallest Chameleon: cm Long The smallest chameleon species in the world is the Brookesia Minima. It is half an inch long and found on Nosy be Island on the floor of rainforest. The island is off the NW coast of Madagascar.

Interesting genres for the "unhooked" to books

The ultimate book list to get boys hooked on reading. I can't believe The Outsiders isn't on it. That book has hooked plenty of boys who don't like to read!