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Bear Necessities

How to live with Florida black bears. Information on how to build all sorts of bear-deterring devices (like trash cans and sheds) here:

Bear Necessities

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Use electric fencing to prevent bears from damaging property: Electric fencing is an effective way to prevent bears from accessing your property & reducing human-bear conflicts. E-fences have been used for decades to contain livestock & what keeps livestock in also will keep bears out! E-fences are easy, cost-effective to construct & are effective at protecting large outdoor areas that are difficult to secure otherwise like beehives, gardens & livestock pens. Click on photo for "how to" video!

How to build a bear resistant shed for your garbage cans: If a bear is getting into your trash can, one option is to build a bear-resistant shed to store your garbage cans. The shed is designed to withstand frequent and repeated bear visits. Using pressure-treated lumber, screws rather than nails, and having no gaps for bears to get a tooth or claw into, this shed will be a long lasting and low maintenance place to safely store your garbage. Click on photo for instructions!

How to make your trashcan bear resistant: Bear getting into your trash can? FWC offers 2 designs to secure trash cans that are easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and use commonly available hardware. If you use a waste service provider, contact them for permission before modifying your can to ensure they are willing to unclip & empty it. Modifying a trashcan does not guarantee a bear will not be able to access your garbage, but it should deter most bears. Click on photo for instructions!