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Crochet Huts Amore Baby Boots Free Pattern

Do you want to surprise your little one with a cute pair of crochet baby booties? Here is an awesome Crochet Baby Bootie Free Pattern for you.

Foot measurements

Foot size chart for making socks & slippers. Measurement charts for hats, gloves and slippers.

Perfect Chart For Sizing Crocheted Slippers For Each Shoe Size With Length and Width - No More Guessing Sizes

This may make my booties-making-perfectionism go away a hair. Can't promise though that I'll enjoy making them any better though!

Shoe size chart- good to know for making booties.

Infant Shoe Size Chart- This is pretty accurate for my daughter and I grew to be tall. I'm using it as a general guide to purchase clearance shoes for the next year. General sizing for children's socks.


Are you looking for some cute crocodile stitch booties and slippers patterns? We have lots of great patterns plus a how to crocodile stitch video tutorial.