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christmas redwork designs free | Happiness is Cross Stitching : Free Christmas Stitchery patterns and a ...

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Satin Stitched Dot Tutorial

Satin stitch is a beautiful embroidery stitch, but sometimes embroidering a perfectly round dot in satin stitch can be a challenge. Here's a step by step tutorial that will make it easy!

Satin Stitched Dot Tutorial – Needle’

sweet Bird

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I used to make pretty smocked dresses for Tiffany........Great smocking site with tutorials on pleater use, etc

SewNso's Sewing Journal

Yesterday's Charmfrom Yesterday's Charm


Rick Rack attached with embroidery stitches, by Yesterday's Charm

Friends — Yesterday's Charm

Rick rack fun | crazy quilt embroidery embellishment | LOTS of types of crazy quilting stitchery on this site.....(ooooooh, i LOVE this blog! i am so inspired by the ideas and detail work!!)

Diane's Decorating Diary: 100detailsin200days


Stitch Fun! Itty Bitty Buttonhole Stitch Leaves

Tutorial - Buttonhole Stitch Leaves

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autumn sampler - would be nice done as embroidered squares for an autumn quilt

Advanced Embroidery Designs - Autumn Redwork Set IV .


Joy 3 – Putting the Design Together & Patterns

JOY - Hand Embroidery Design with Monograms on Needle 'n Thread at

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Tutorials for nearly every embroidery stitch.: Seam Treatment, Embroidery, Embroidery Tutorials, Sewing Embroidery, Crafts Embroidery, Embroidery Stitches, Embroidery Stiches, Viking Stitch

tacked herringbone stitch | Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials

Do It Learn how to Embroidery How to Make Embroidery Stitches

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Ladder Stitch is a kind of embroidery stitch used on plain-and even weave fabrics. It has a ladder-like appearance, hence the name, and it is used as a border stitch or to fill a long, narrow shape of varying width. This stitch should always be worked on fabric stretched in an embroidery hoop or frame to prevent it form distorting the fabric.

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zig zag coral stitch, Knotted Embroidery Stitches - From The "Samplers & Stitches" Handbook (By Mrs Archibald Christie, London 1920)

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Insertion lace with silk ribbon and then whip stitched - makes a great embellishment.

Brebotes e Brebosês: Trançado em fita e vagonite

Write song lyrics out, stitch over the words, and use as decoration.

Crafting it Slow. Homefrom Home

Here's a paisley themed free digital stamp for your crafting projects.

Paisley pattern

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Stitch Play: Raised Stem Stitch

embroidery- cool stitch!

Stitch Play: Raised Stem Stitch – Needle’

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Lilacs ~ There are pages and pages of vintage embroidery patterns on this site!

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Floral Swirly Vines by jeninemd, via Flickr

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Great link for free alphabet embroidery patterns. All letters available. Perfect for napkins, place mats, runners, etc.

Extraordinary Monograms


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button work

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Christmas Redwork embroidery design~kinshipkreations