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I think any story which concerns itself with the afterlife and with forces that the human mind cannot truly understand risks disquiet for the reader.

2014 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Black velvet and satin dress with corset-like boning, sequin and rhinestone accents and black feather trim, petticoat tutu, matching velvet panty, velvet glovet

2014 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Many would argue that a party just isn't a "smash" without a pinata. Watching friends and family blindly swing at a candy-stuffed object just can't be "beat". Be the "hit" of the party when you wear this Adult Pinata Costume.

Halloween Costume Trend 2014

Looking for Superman Halloween costumes? Wondering where to find Superman costumes in just the right size? We have infant through adult Superman costumes!

5 Costume Trends for Halloween 2014

The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins Wig with Ears features a short red wig and attached hobbit ears. You'll look just like the brave and adventurous hobbit from the Lord of the Rings series. Get ready to take part of your own adventure in this lotr wig!