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Alaska Highway road trip

Our Alaska Highway road trip is going to be an exciting travel adventure. Follow our boomer road trip on the Alaska Highway: We'll take a B.C. ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert before beginning a road trip that takes us to Stewart and Iskut, B.C., Teslin, Whitehorse and Dawson City, Yukon plus Tok and Girdwood, Alaska. In Whittier, we'll board a ferry for a 4-day ride on the Alaska Marine Highway to Bellingham, WA. Use our ideas to plan your own Alaska Highway road trip. Look for #YukonHo!

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Alaska Highway road trip

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Yes, you will find fall color on a September Alaska Highway road trip. Glenn Highway (also the Tok cutoff) travels from Tok to Anchorage. Be sure to stop at Eureka summit for this awesome view.

Take an Alaska Fall Road Trip with us. You'll discover beautiful autumn colors and no bugs!

  • Ice Cream and Permafrost
    Ice Cream and Permafrost

    My favorite trip to Denali National Park was in the fall - the color in the mountains is unbelievable!

  • Donna Hull
    Donna Hull

    I'd love to see Denali in the fall, Ice Cream and Permafrost. What a beautiful time of year to be there.

What a great Alaska side trip: Secret Waterfall, Alyeska, Girdwood, #Alaska

Chicken, Alaska. One of our fun finds on an Alaska Highway road trip. You'll find Chicken when driving Top of the World Highway.

Mile Zero on The World Famous Alaska Highway [PHOTOS]

Muncho Lake is a beautiful stop on any Alaska Highway road trip. Photo details: Muncho Lake by musubk, via Flickr

Yukon River - Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. You'll see this beautiful river when your Alaska Highway road trip stops in Whitehorse.

Standing on Deck 6 of the Prince Rupert Ferry looking for whales.

If your Alaska Highway road trip takes you all the way to Chena Hot Springs Resort, near Fairbanks, be sure to take a dip.

  • Pamela Rayne
    Pamela Rayne

    looks wonderful.

  • My Itchy Travel Feet
    My Itchy Travel Feet

    We agree, Pamela. Wouldn't it be great to be there right now? Of course we'd probably need lots of bug repellant.

  • Urja Refalo
    Urja Refalo

    What type os bugs? In summer?

  • My Itchy Travel Feet
    My Itchy Travel Feet


You might see a Lynx, when your Alaska Highway road trip stops at Denali National Park. photo by DenaliNPS

Use our Alaska Travel Planning Guide to plan your travels in #Alaska.

Another great add-on excursion to your Alaska Highway road trip: Denali National Park, Alaska.

Take an Alaska Highway side trip: "Hatcher Pass Lodge - Palmer, AK Nestled in beautiful Hatcher Pass just a mile from Independence Mine, Hatcher Pass Lodge offers a rustic, breathtaking setting for your next Alaskan Adventure. Cute, cozy cabins are situated just down the mountain from the main lodge where you can sip a hot buttered rum and watch the world below. The lodge is a great starting point for hiking and skiing. Don't expect anything fancy, but it's true Alaskan experience!"

  • Sonya G
    Sonya G

    one of my favorite places, ever!

  • Donna Hull
    Donna Hull

    I can see why, Sonya. We didn't make it to Hatcher Pass on our Alaska Highway road trip. Guess that means we have to take another one.

  • Sonya G
    Sonya G

    most definitely. it's a magical place. super peaceful. the guy who used to run the lodge is named Hap. Not sure if he's still there.

You'll see this gorgeous scene on the Glenn Highway near Palmer, #Alaska. "King Mountain and Matanuska River in Alaska, USA (by Joe Ganster)"

  • rubia rodriguez
    rubia rodriguez


  • Dianne Cottrell
    Dianne Cottrell

    Is this mountain called King Mountain?

  • Dianne Cottrell
    Dianne Cottrell

    Yes, I see now that you stated that. Beautiful....just as I remember from 35 yrs ago.

  • Lori Lou
    Lori Lou

    Ohhhh Cedar!! We want to come visit you...:)

Mountains of Canada's Inside Passage make a beautiful addition to your Alaska Highway road trip. Take the Prince Rupert Ferry to see them.

Explore Matanuska Glacier when your Alaska Highway road trip travels on the Glenn Highway.

Alaska Travel Planning Resources includes the online links, books, guides and products that we used to plan our #Alaska Highway road trip.

  • Jill Swann
    Jill Swann

    Lots of this.

Standing on Deck 6 of the Prince Rupert Ferry looking for whales. A fun diversion on an Alaska Highway road trip.

Lighthouse leaving Port Hardy on the way to Prince Rupert. A ride on the Prince Rupert Ferry adds variety to your Alaska Highway Road trip.

What fun Fairbanks accommodations. Another pinned said: "Want more train and less station in your stay? Consider the Aurora-Express, a bed and breakfast in Fairbanks, Alaska, made out of authentic Alaska Railroad cars renovated to historical periods. Mike and Sue Blomfield Wilson bought the railcars from the Denali National Park Hotel for only $1 apiece -- but did have to spend thousands of dollars to transport them. (Aurora-Express)"

  • Boogie Inc
    Boogie Inc

    Now you have me interested... Love trains

A wolf catches breakfast at Fish Creek near Hyder, Alaska.

  • Carol Dubien
    Carol Dubien

    Thanks for pinning - lived in Hyder and Stewart from 52 - 57.

  • My Itchy Travel Feet
    My Itchy Travel Feet

    Wow, Carol. You knew Hyder and Stewart way back when. Have you been back? Would love to hear your perspective on how much or little the area has changed.

A great addition to an Alaska Highway road trip: From Roadtrippers pin: "Escape the summer heat with an Alaskan Road Trip!"

  • Cindy Migura
    Cindy Migura

    I loved that town Seward

When our Alaska Highway road trip took a side road to Stewart, B.C. and Hyder, AK. we saw this big guy: Grizzly bear at Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site in Hyder, Alaska

The toadstools at Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge were huge! So glad to see this on our Alaska Highway road trip.

  • Katey Grund
    Katey Grund

    That is an Amonita mushroom - extremely poisonous!

  • rubia rodriguez
    rubia rodriguez

    I love mushroom I actually have a collection I think there beautiful. ..thanks for your comment :) I will look out for this kind!

  • rubia rodriguez
    rubia rodriguez

    They must look awesome I'm sure ! Hopefully I'll see them someday !

  • James Burandt
    James Burandt

    Amonita Muscarius mushroom:Quite possibly the worlds most powerful hallucinogen. Beautiful and powerful as the sleeping agent(apple) in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty!

  • rubia rodriguez
    rubia rodriguez

    Thanks for sharing this information ... :)

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Add some luxury to your Alaska Highway road trip with a stay at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge on the Kenai Peninsula. #boomer #travel

Driving in Alaska? Don't forget The Milepost!

On our Alaska Highway road trip, we didn't see anyone panning for gold in the Yukon. But the evidence, including sluices, was all around us. Have you panned for gold on a trip to the Yukon?

  • Donna Hull
    Donna Hull

    Susan, our trip was in late August and September specifically to avoid the worst of the mosquitos. Turned out to be a good decision.

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith

    Donna, we were in a Jeep. We had intentions of car camping but my wife didn't want to after stories of bears, the mosquitos and the fact it rained almost everyday. In 2 months we couldn't find a place to stay one night. Lol, someplace were nightmares!

  • Donna Hull
    Donna Hull

    I agree about lodging being a nightmare on the Alaska Highway (in some cases). We drove a truck but for the first time in my life, I lusted after the gorgeous motor homes we saw in abundance. Of course they are limiting as to some of the roads but still, it would have been nice to have a few more comforts. Thinking about the paper thin pillows at the motel in Teslin :-).

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith

    And the frost heaved floors that were anything but level. Was like walking in a funhouse! 15 bucks for a mediocre hamburger. A dollar for a banana! But you know what? It was the best banana I ever had! The sweetest!

  • Susan Schaffer
    Susan Schaffer

    Looks like the guys should make a new schedule to take in Sturgis first then take in Alaska. Sturgis is the first week of August. Thanks Donna for the advice.

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Anchorage has become the gateway to the Arctic--a springboard for all kinds of Alaskan adventures and was included on our Alaska Highway road trip itinerary.

Reindeer and fall colors on the Taylor Highway in Alaska. What wildlife or nature watching be any better? You'll definitely want to include the Taylor Highway on your Alaska Highway road trip itinerary. #YukonHo!

  • steph smith
    steph smith


September on the beautiful Glenn Highway. One of the highlights of our Alaska Highway adventure.

Beautiful Downtown Chicken Alaska

  • Karen Johnson-Nieuwendijk
    Karen Johnson-Nieuwendijk

    Chicken was great, as was Eagle and the Million Dollar Highway.

  • Joy K
    Joy K

    One of my favorite places on our trip to Alaska. Do they still have the 3 legged dog at the cafe?

  • Karen Johnson-Nieuwendijk
    Karen Johnson-Nieuwendijk

    I don't know. It has been several years since we drove that road. But I left a part of me there.

You'll see this mountain scenery on the outskirts of Ketchikan along the Inside Passage as we ride the Alaska Marine Highway. Yes, a ferry ride was part of our Alaska Highway road trip. #YukonHo!

A rainy day at the Top of the World

If your Alaska Highway road trip takes you to the Kenai Peninsula, plan a fishing excursion on the famous Kenai River. Staying at The Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge puts you in the center of the fishing action. #YukonHo!

When our Alaska Highway road trip stopped at Kenai Princess Lodge at Cooper Landing on the Kenai Peninsula, we found this beautiful view (and a super nice place to relax from the road). #YukonHo!

We had a beautiful view of Matanuska Glacier from the Glenn Highway near Palmer, Alaska.

  • James Vacek
    James Vacek

    one day in Alaska transcends a year in Europe...Jim Vacek

The Glenn Highway...oh what a beautiful Alaska drive!

Driving the Top of the World Highway from Dawson City to Tok, Alaska is a beautiful September journey.

  • Parker's Crazy Cookies LLC
    Parker's Crazy Cookies LLC

    LOve the colors and the openness!

  • Phyllis Tomchuk
    Phyllis Tomchuk

    The Alaska hwy you mention from Prince Rupert to Alaska is not the" Alaska Hwy" It is "Hwy 37",. The true Historic Alaska Hwy starts in Dawson Creek BC, Which is also Historic Mile Past "0", the beginning if this famous hwy. Look on your British Columbia google map for the right information. Enjoy

  • Phyllis Tomchuk
    Phyllis Tomchuk

    Oh yes, it is also known as the "Al-Can hwy" Where you will find a lot of information on the building of this historical hwy. Hwy 37 connects to the Alaska Hwy, just west of Watson Lk, Yukon. A very interest place to view the "Sign Post City" Started by 2 soldiers who worked on the Hwy. Even Oprah has a sign there....

  • My Itchy Travel Feet
    My Itchy Travel Feet

    Yes, we know that Hwy 37, Cassiar Highway is not the official Alaska Highway. And thanks so much for the historical information. Because we were driving so many different segments of highway attached to the Alaska Highway, we called our entire board Alaska Highway road trip for simplicity. But you are technically correct that the official Alaska Highway runs from Milepost 0 in Dawson Creek. Thanks again.

  • Phyllis Tomchuk
    Phyllis Tomchuk

    I just found it a little miss leading, as getting off the ferry at Prince Rupert BC does not connect you to the Alaska Hwy. right there. We have traveled the Alaska Hwy twice to find how much we missed the first time. I would do it again in a minute. We done it with truck and Trailer. Also went the cruise ship way to Skagway Alaska. A wonderful trip also. Such beautiful country we live in, so lucky we are to have this to enjoy, Keep happy, live lots, love much and enjoy.

Cassiar Highway in northern British Columbia and other scenes from week 2 of our Alaska Highway adventure. #YukonHo!

Glacier watching near Stewart, British Columbia is just one of the fun experiences on an Alaska Highway road trip. #YukonHo!

Riding on the Prince Rupert Ferry was the highlight of Week One on our Alaska Highway road trip adventure. #YukonHo!

Driving the Klondike Highway on the way to Dawson City was part of our Alaska Highway road trip itinerary. #YukonHo!

In Whitehorse we took a nature break at Miles Canyon. #YukonHo!

Teslin, Yukon. It's beautiful territory.

The beautiful Cassiar Highway in northern British Columbia. #YukonHo!

One of the highlights of our Alaska Highway road trip: watching a wolf fish for breakfast at Fish Creek Wildlife Viewing Center in Hyder, Alaska. #YukonHo!

We saw a bear eat her breakfast at the Fish Creek Wildlife Viewing Center in Hyder, Alaska.

Bear Glacier on the way to Stewart, B.C. #YukonHo!

Here we go on the Cassiar Highway a much anticipated portion of our Alaska Highway road trip! #YukonHo!

I did this yesterday in the clouds and mist: Inside Passage Cruise, BC Ferries, BC, Canada

Alan and I loved our ride on the B.C. Ferries from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert. It was a great way to break up the long driving days on our Alaska Highway road trip itinerary. Ashley MH British Columbia #YukonHo!

The harbor in Port Hardy, B.C. is crowded with boats. Look at the mega yacht.

On the third day of our Alaska Highway road trip, we took a ferry from Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver to Nanaimo B.C. for the drive to Port Hardy. #YukonHo!

We stopped in Republic, WA on the way to Port Hardy, B.C. and the beginning of our Alaska Highway adventure. #YukonHo!

YukonHo! road trip itinerary. We can't wait to drive the Alaska Highway.

  • Alaska Girl
    Alaska Girl

    Dream trip

  • My Itchy Travel Feet
    My Itchy Travel Feet

    It was a great trip, Alaska Girl. Now we want to do it all over again!

Our ride home on the Alaska Marine Highway

Secret Waterfall, Alyeska, Girdwood, Alaska

Snow clad mountains along Turnagain Arm near Girdwood, Alaska by Alaskan Dude, via Flickr

Moose near Tok, Alaska

In Your Dreams by code poet - Taken in Tok, Alaska

July 27th + 28th - Dawson City, Yukon, Canada * Lying just 165 miles south of the Arctic Circle, Dawson City spray up near the Klondike Gold Fields discovered in 1896.

We won't see a snow sunrise like this one on our visit: Dawson City Sunrise in the Yukon

Miles Canyon, Whitehorse Yukon

Hope we see these! Another pinner said: "Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis. Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada."

Hope we see this. Another pinner said, "Bald eagle by Teslin, Yukon"

Will this be our Al-Can view on the way to Teslin? Another pinner said: "Full moon rising over the Alaska Highway near Teslin, Yukon Territory, Canada. August 2012."

Our drive to Iskut won't be this snowy but it will be just as beautiful!

We'll be looking for this guy on the way to Iskut. Another pinner said: "I snapped a picture of this old grampa with a cell phone. I managed to snap three from 25 feet away. I graciously thanked him after the third shot as I slowly drove away from him. I shot this picture 5 km south of Iskut, BC."

Cassiar Highway

  • Ken Hunter
    Ken Hunter

    You out to check how your posts actually look. There is no 'Alaska Highway'...but that's how it looks. THIS comes up: "My Itchy Travel" It's funny, but is that really your purpose?

  • My Itchy Travel Feet
    My Itchy Travel Feet

    We're sorry Ken, but we don't understand your comment. This pin links to a post a The Milepost. Can you give us an example of where our pins are not linking to the actual post? Thanks!

  • Ken Hunter
    Ken Hunter

    If you look at your actual posting as other people see it, you will find that the last word is cut off, so "My Itchy Travel Feet" becomes "My Itchy Travel" ...unless you're going for laffs.

Another view of the beautiful Stewart-Cassiar Highway by joe.barnett, via Flickr

Driving the Stewart-Cassiar Highway. At Stewart, we'll be visiting the fourth largest fjord in the world.

  • Timothy Weigle
    Timothy Weigle

    Drove over that bridge in June '13. What a beautiful part of the world

  • Donna Hull
    Donna Hull

    I agree, Timothy. Although all the construction for that huge power line made me sad. It's going to change the area forever.

  • Timothy Weigle
    Timothy Weigle

    Oh yeah, they were doing some big work on that, lots of cleared land

Another adventure when we drive the Cassiar Highway. Another pinner said, "One of our favourite areas to #explore. Bear Glacier - NW British Columbia." #BritishColumbia #Travel

The Salmon Glacier, British Columbia. We'll see this beauty on the drive to Stewart, B.C.

We'll be reading this article: Going Coastal. Prince Rupert, BC for ideas on what to do in Prince Rupert.

  • Pat Crawford
    Pat Crawford

    Breaker Pub been there many times.

  • My Itchy Travel Feet
    My Itchy Travel Feet

    Thanks for the tip, Pat. Next time we're in Prince Rupert, Breaker Pub it is.

Hoping to see a scene as beautiful as this on the Ferry to Prince Rupert #BritishColumbia

We'll be spending two days in Port Hardy Vancouver Island, BC before catching the ferry to Prince Rupert.

  • Annie Taylor Gray
    Annie Taylor Gray

    Fantastic trip. Did it many, many years ago...early 70's. Watched Brigadoon in a tiny motel in Prince Rupert!

We'll be taking the ferry from Horseshoe Bay, in West Vancouver, BC, to Nanaimo as part of our YukonHo! road trip.

Traveling from Missoula, MT, our first night on the Al-Can road trip stops in Republic Washington. Photograph by Rick Repp -

We'll be cruising on the MV Northern Expedition, put into service in 2009, between Port Hardy and Prince Rupert on our Al-Can road trip. Can't wait to travel through BC’s famed Inside Passage.

Will be visiting Tok, #Alaska on our Al-Can summer road trip: In Your Dreams by code poet - Taken in Tok, Alaska

We'll be stopping in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada on a boomer road trip in 2013. #ExploreCanada