How to tie amazing bows!

How to tie the perfect bow

How to tie amazing bows! I so need this - I am a creative person but I lack talent when it comes to wrapping presents and tying bows.

crepe paper flower

Such a good idea to use thread to scrunch the tissue paper up! If you have leftover tissue paper, feel free to make this beautiful flower!


Love it! What a great DIY gift idea! DIY easy and cheap DIY Gift Bag Idea 101 Pretty Printables

Wrapping paper Bow... now I know what to do with the leftover paper scraps!

New Use For Leftover Wrapping Paper: DIY Bows! Now I know what to do with the leftover paper scraps

Salt dough

Salt dough recipe: cup salt cup warm water 1 cup flour Roll out the dough and cut the shapes. Then poke large holes for the string. Bake them at 250 for about two hours. Paint them with acrylic paint if desired. Great for personalized gift tags!

How to make Christmas bows easily

How to Make Festive Bows

How to make Bows. So Easy! Maybe my bow making will compare to Lila's after reading this. Or maybe I'll just get everything gift wrapped for the rest of my life.

How to make a layered bow, among another cute project

How to make a layered bow. Lay the thin orange ribbon vertical (not shown on step). Place the wide orange ribbon into loops on top of the thin ribbon with one end of the ribbon on the left and the other end on the right.

how to make polka dot wrapping paper with an eraser. #DIY

Polka dot your wrapping

Make polka dot wrapping paper using brown kraft paper and a pencil eraser to make dots. Gift or present wrapping and packaging ideas.

My new favorite way to give a gift card :)

Balloon-in-a-Box Invitation Idea. also a great idea for giving gift cards or tickets to something as gifts :)