Oh gosh

Can't risk it<< I'm seeing them tonight! hopefully he laughs!>>>>> already heard it :)!>>seeing them in October, I can't risk it

A while ago my mom asked me "is 5 seconds of summer an American band or British band?" my reaction.  Haha I just said, "they're Australian mom.... Australian..."<<<oh wow xD

*facepalm* not even joking I hate people rn! Ugh my school is full of ponies! I remember when I was the only one who liked them

So accurate

Let's talk bout Ashie later. Wow Michael y u so fluffy

Pinterest: thisslloser ☼♕☸

Why not? It's fun to do this stuff. Gets a little annoying after a while cause all that pops up anymore is 'Repost or Bad Luck for You' and it makes me paranoid idk

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